About Trillium Bodywork


Amanda Ruley,  LMT#18903

Amanda is a graduate of the East West College of the Healing Arts massage therapy program, which combines a solid foundation in understanding the human body with the ability to create effective, personalized treatments. She has studied Swedish massage, craniosacral therapy, pregnancy, deep tissue, myofascial, therapeutic, and medical massage, with continuing education in Thai massage and reiki I and II.

With experience working both as a chiropractor’s assistant and massage therapist, Amanda’s style has developed into an integration of slow and relaxing intuitive touch with deep tissue and myofascial release of muscle. The result is an effective, therapeutic and enjoyable massage.

Amanda turned to massage after seeing the role that alternative medicine played in her mother’s treatment for Multiple Sclerosis, and the way it helped her find a moment of peace and relaxation in her day. Now, Amanda is in her fifth year of running her own business, working with her clients to create effective massage treatment plans that meet their needs, and promote their education and participation in this powerful self-healing process.


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"Amanda is amazing! I started seeing her because I was having chronic migraines as well as tension in my neck and shoulders. The techniques she uses have worked wonders to release the muscles, increasing range of motion, and my headaches are now a rare occurrence. I highly recommend Amanda to anyone. She is exceptional at combining therapeutic and relaxation techniques to produce an outcome that aides healing of both the body and the spirit."

—Macia N.

Amanda is an excellent therapist who cares for her clients and provides a wonderful massage experience. I felt more mobility, less stress and overall satisfaction with her massage. I would return as needed for future massages.

—Virginia S.

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"Thank you for such a much needed massage. I am definitely going to have to come back and get another one. I've been feeling like an old woman when I wake up because, from work, everything is so sore in the mornings and after the massage yesterday I woke up with such a tiny amount of stiffness I almost feel like my old self."

—Charlene K.

"Probably the best massage I've ever had! Loved the hot stone and warm bed. Amanda was awesome, and I'll be back soon!"

—Joby K.